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Lillie Surgery Update

Hi Everyone,


Lillie is out of surgery and doing well. She is in pain and hungry but doing very well. Vanderbilt RM 3134 until tomorrow when they release her and I take her home. I am spending the night here and my mom is home with Lura. Now she has to recover for 6 to 8 weeks then they will treat her with radiated iodine to make sure all the thyroid tissue is dead. So step one the cancer is removed and Lillie is resting.

Step two is when people will be able to help in a couple months. Right now she just takes her meds and rests. She has an incision on her neck that is stapled shut. We will get more info on the radiation treatment once she meets with that doctor in the near future.


Thank You for all the prayers and energy. Our friends rock!

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kettlebell workout

Well I finally made it out to the park to workout with Dave Whitley. Damn that was a good workout. My legs are still burning. I had to wimp out on one exercise and drop down a weight level. If I could afford the class I think it would be worth it. I will try to mix some of what we did into my club bell routine next week. If you are looking for a workout group that will produce fast results then check out
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southpark Chuck


NEVER ever count on a contract employee to do it right. Even if your sick, do it yourself.

Now that it is in writing I will hopefully remember. Now back to preventing my possible termination!

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Ganked from Katz....Could not be much farther off base!

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